Can Machine Learning be used in asset management to prevent critical assets from failing?

We Think So

We help CEOs, asset managers and engineers use the accelerated speed and deep learning properties of machine learning to detect defects in critical assets quickly, safely, accurately and cost effectively.

The Benefits

Increase the speed of asset inspections

Increase the frequency of asset inspections

Decrease the cost of asset inspections

How we make machine learning accessible and affordable for all

Every machine learning expert knows you need millions of photos to train the model to detect a specific detect.

But who has the millions of photos needed to train the model?

We do. We use game engine technology to create ‘synthetic’ photos of your asset and defective asset so we can generate the vast volume of training data needed to train the model.

Pretty cool huh?

And best of all, our photos are automatically labelled with training data, eliminating the costly and time-consuming step of labelling data.

Think you can’t afford machine learning because you don’t have the data you need to train the model?

Think again.   Our software creates the data when there is none and makes machine learning accessible and affordable for us.

We’ve seen the devastation that occurs when big assets fail in a big way.

We’d like to work with you to ensure that yours don’t.

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