Super high resolution photographs of assets and environments, generated by 3D modelling, scanning, image capture and texturing. Skip the expense, travel and physical accessibility problems of time consuming photography


Morpheus automatically generates 100% accurate labelling and segmentation  Рperfect training data for machine learning models. Bypass the costly and time consuming process of labelling and eliminate human error from the process


Generate infinite variations on cracks, breaks, corrosion, weathering or any other kind of defect without having to source real occurrences.  Prepare for future and possible events, detect wear and tear, detect incorrect installations and perform predictive asset maintenance


  • 3D Models & Scenes
  • Morpheus
  • Automated Labelling
  • Object Recognition

We develop photo realistic models, scans and environments to perfectly capture your assets and infrastructure. This medium gives us full control and the ability to ensure all variations are present for detection, using real world accurate measurements for the models and advanced techniques to render the most realistic possible finishes, in any kind of environment required.

Morpheus is our simulation engine – we feed it 3D models and scenes and options, and it generates infinite variation in positions, lighting, camera angles, weather and more. Components, equipment, coverings, finishes, and configurations can all be randomised and Morpheus will generate any required amount of super high resolution photographs of every conceivable arrangement, ensuring maximum variation for optimum detection.

Labelling is crucial – telling the computer which parts of a photo we’re interested in and what everything means – but it has to be done by hand. It’s time consuming and costly especially when you’re talking about millions of images, and introduces human error. With synthetic photos, Morpheus can generate 100% accurate annotations and machine training data automatically, skipping the entire process, no matter how many images you need.

With training data from Morpheus, TensorFlow and other machine learning frameworks can train an object recognition model which can then be applied to real photos. If greater accuracy is needed, Morpheus’ simulations can be configured to target any variations and generate new images and training data – in hours, not weeks, and for a minimal cost. Retrain as many times as needed to fine tune your object recognition until it’s perfect for predictive asset maintenance, automated safety inspections, resource detection and more.

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