Who we work with

Our software can create synthetic photos of almost any asset and any defect and create the vast volumes of training data you need to train the model.

From power poles and pipelines to mining and medical imaging, we’ve got you covered.

Put it this way: if you can see it, we can synthesise it.

What sort of assets can we inspect?

Power Poles & Equipment

Transmission Towers

What sort of things can we detect?

  • Cracked insulators
  • Broken ties
  • Rotten timber
  • Corroded cross arms
  • Broken jumper wires

Power Stations

  • Leaking Water Tubes
  • Misaligned Boiler Fires
  • Clinker Buildup
  • Corroded Pipes


  • Cracked Bitumen
  • Railing Damage
  • Broken Signage
  • Failed Lights
  • Damaged Roadside Equipment Boxes

Water and Sewer Pipes

  • Cracks in Terracotta
  • Cracked Concrete
  • Invasive Roots
  • Misaligned Pipe Segments


  • Concrete Cancer
  • Corroded Railings
  • Rusted Bolts
  • Misaligned Supports

Hi-rise Buildings, Hospitals, Schools

  • Peeling Paint
  • Worn Vinyl
  • Spills
  • Cracked Walls & Cornices
  • Torn Wallpaper
  • Carpet Damage


  • Thermal detection of conveyor wear
  • Misaligned Product Packing
  • Missing Labels
  • Broken Product
  • Incomplete Pallet Wrapping

Traffic Lights

  • Broken Lights
  • Damaged Signals
  • Damaged or Misaligned Cameras
  • Damage to Roadside Boxes


  • Minerals in Ore Samples
  • Thrown Vehicle Tracks
  • Foreign Objects in Slurry
  • Oversized Rocks in a Crusher
  • Cracks in Wall Supports

Environmental Monitoring

  • Habitat Destruction
  • Animal Detection
  • Vegetation Overgrowth
  • Seepage

Agriculture & Farming

  • Crop Damage
  • Broken Fences
  • Vehicle & Equipment Defects
  • Livestock Tracking

Medical Imaging

  • Anomalies in X-Rays, CAT Scans
  • IVF Embryo Screening
  • Cell Culture Analysis
  • DNA PCR Analysis